December 12, 2012
by Jason
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Digital Postcard: “Frozen Egg” (MP3)


Postcard: “Frozen Egg” (Click to download MP3)

Artwork: “Youth” by Umman Turkoglu
Recorded by Matt Tong at Exploded Drawing

This is a track from our forthcoming Flexi-Disc EP. Originally we’d planned five flexi postcards, but our Kickstarter exceeded the goal so we’re realizing our dream of a Flexi-Book that you can play on your turntable like this:


The Flexi-Book format is inspired by a National Geographic guide to bird sounds, and it sounds fantastic—we’ve had the Group Flex from Castle Face on heavy rotation. We’ve been working on extra songs, more handmade artwork, and enough copies to distribute around the world. We’re at the mastering stage and they should be ready within the next month.

Super fans will find a demo version of “Frozen Egg” on the Eureka California tape amidst our digital archive of every recording we have ever made, along with lots of other song ideas that we are developing thanks to your support. We’ve been making the most of our budget by doing some studio recordings with Matt Tong, JZ Barrell, and Sammy Bananas, along with home recording at Rad Town. We have 17 new songs written for our debut LP, a bunch of sessions coming up in January, and we are psyched for what’s to come.

While preparing the Flexi EP and Debut LP, we’re also got our hands full with additional Kickstarter rewards like the Covers EP and the Digital Archive of every recording we have ever made (for Super LD Fans). Meanwhile, there have been some outside distractions beyond the day-to-day: Jason was shipped off to Australia for a Home Blitz tour, he and Jeff have been doing multimedia work for Piehole productions (expect the Mann Ist Mann studio album soon—music by J. Sigal, lyrics by B. Brecht), Joe got engaged (during band practice no less!), and a few of the recording dates Matt Tong had set aside for us between Bloc Party tours were derailed by Hurricane Sandy. We don’t want to compromise the quality of the releases that our backers have made possible, so we hope you’ll appreciate that we’re not going to rush things.

You can order a Lame Drivers Flexi Disc EP here, and they should be ready in early January. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy “Frozen Egg” and feel free to share the mp3!

October 16, 2012
by Jason

Shows Wed + Fri w/ So Cow (Galway), Squarehead (Dublin), Regal Degal (L.A.), Sros Lords (Detroit), Avant Duel (Space) +++

Jason’s back from OZ just in time for CMJ week. Lame Drivers play two shows, and they are not part of CMJ.


// WEDNESDAY 10/17 @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge Brooklyn \\

    89 Varet Street @ Graham Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York 11206
>  fbook event 

Regal Degal (Los Angeles)

So Cow (Galway, Ireland)

Squarehead (Dublin, Ireland)

Ian Drennan (Big Troubles) new-2xlp-the-wonderful-world

…with Group Tightener’s Rezound on the sound system.

// FRIDAY 8/19 @ Ding Dong Lounge NYC \\

  929 Columbus Ave. @ W 106th St, New York, NY 10025
fbook event

Sros Lords (Detroit)

Avant Duel (Von LMO + Otto von Ruggins)

Regal Degal (Los Angeles)

Bob Crusoe
DJ Theresa (Home Blitz / Bleak Race / Lemon Dots)

September 16, 2012
by Jason

Thank You!! Flexi-EP + Debut LP *Coming Soon*

Our Flexi-Disc EP + Debut 12″ LP is Coming Soon—thanks to you!

It has never been a more exciting time to be a Lame Driver. We are incredibly grateful, humbled, overwhelmed and above all inspired by your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Read more @ Kickstarter update | Stay tuned via email

In the meantime, we’re going through our tapes and harddrives to compile digital copies of every recording we’ve ever made (for the Super Fans). There’s a lot that has never seen the light of day. But there’s also a lot of stuff that is already up for free download at our discography. If you haven’t already found ’em, the Captain Amazing EP, the Let Them Eat Tape, and the Demoverse Cassette are all free to share. Same goes for the Cruisin’ Classics sampler, which is like a lame drivers crash course with a few songs from each of those releases plus a bunch from other sources.

Of course we’re mostly psyched about the new stuff right now. Stay tuned as we realize our lame vision, made possible by you!

Summer 2012 Tour Photos

September 3, 2012 by Jason | 0 comments

Lame Drivers spent a bunch of days on the road this summer with our PDX pals the Woolen Men. We played at least one show every day, and took photos along the way of the bugs we saw, the slaw we ate, the couches we slept on, the bands we played with, the people we met, the vehicles we passed by on the road and on and on.

We could not document everything. There are many moments that will only exist in our minds and in the stories we’ll have to tell you later. But thanks to my obsession with instagram (@therewasaguy), Alex’s occasional flickr-ing, and our super photographer friends like M. Elizabeth Hershey (–> live pics from Bloomington below), there are a bunch of photos. We’re posting them here as a time capsule to aid our own memories, and perhaps as entertainment for you. There is some partial nudity. We’ve got the West Coast (Aug 17-24) photos first, then East Coast (Jul 18-29), each in roughly chronological order…

View the pictures →

This gallery contains 159 photos

September 3, 2012
by Jason

Working Song

Happy Labor Day!

Here’s “Working Song,” prod by Sammy Bananas from the 2010 Blackburn Recordings compilation.

It’s a free download also featuring Big Troubles, Cloud Nothings, Sore Eros, Metal Rouge, Cursillistas, many more great bands and tracks, we were psyched to be part of this comp!!

Down-them-all here.

Working Song has been featured on a couple mixes at the Free Music Archive, including this one called “Go To Work You Jerk!” compiled by the awesome Katya-Oddio (Oddio Overplay).

August 29, 2012
by Jason

Back from tour but still sleeping on your floor

Back from tour, but still very much in tour/booking mode.

So when we heard that one of our favorite bands, Austin TX’s Dikes of Holland, had their Brooklyn and Philly shows both fall thru, we had to do something. Together we managed to pull off this show at Muchmore’s, a new spot in Williamsburg, with Cool Serbia, Freecare, and Chicago’s Paranoid Shart (photos in a gallery below, video after the jump). Many thanks to all of the bands for playing and to Adam at Muchmore’s for being such a rad host.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to broadcast the Dikes of Holland session I’d taped on Sunday for Talk’s Cheap (when I found out about their shows being cancelled). Click here for the WFMU archive with mp3s + video comin’ soon. It was a fun radio show with special guest Sleeping Giant Mike selecting some rad cassettes out of the new bin.

Click any of the photos below to view a gallery of 27 photos by Dylan Johnson

photos by Dylan Johnson — click an image to view the full gallery

If you missed us last night cuz of the short notice and early opening set, we have more local shows coming up at Death By Audio on Monday and Cake Shop on Tuesday with great bands from NY (Hippy, Island Twins), Chicago (The Funs, Coffin Ships), and Australia (Deep Heat). We’ll also play first at these shows, because we are Lame.

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August 23, 2012
by Jason

Millions of Songs

It was pretty surreal to play a show at Eureka CA’s Little Red Lion last night while this jukebox animation flashed to the side of the stage. Never before have we been so clearly up against “Millions of Songs,” with our set of live music in between Humboldt’s premier cosmic rock band Scotch Wiggly (featuring spooky theremin on mega-jam “Too Far Out”) and Arcata’s basement heroes The Wild Lungs.

But between the band’s sets, the jukebox stared out silent. The bartender didn’t have an iPod and coins stayed firmly in pockets, uninterested in those Millions of Songs (other than one curious spin of the new No Doubt song).

Instead, those quarters got together and fueled Lame Drivers’ quest to record our own songs when people put ’em towards the west coast edition of Cruisin’ Classics. Some lucky audience members also picked up the last copies of our split tape with (here it comes…) the band Eureka California, who live thousands of miles away in Athens, GA, but proudly take their name from the very town we were in! Dirty Pillows Recs might have a few more copies of the split.

We’re spreading the word here in parts of the country where nobody had ever heard of Lame Drivers. We’ve played with great bands every step of the way, and there have been a few folks in the audience each night telling us to come back so that they can set up something at their house, club, pizza palace, or wherever it is the Lame Kids of the Future are sure to be.

We’re laying the groundwork for the future of the band right now. The tour is paving a path, and your kickstarter backing puts us well on our way towards recording a few of our own Millions of Songs.

August 14, 2012
by Jason
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New Song: “Other Side” (MP3)

Decoder Magazine just leaked “Other Side,” a new Lame Drivers song rec’d by Matt Tong. Matt’s our good pal and this was a great recording experience. We hope to record some more songs with him if he gets another free moment amidst Bloc Party tours.

Artwork by Sarah Hotchkiss, also a good friend and co-director of the Stairwell’s Gallery in San Francisco. We’re happy to work with such talented artists as we preparing to release our first vinyl LP + Flexi-Disc EP.

With your support, we’ll all get to see this here impossible shape spinnin’ around on a flexi-disc comin soon to your turntable!

August 12, 2012
by Jason

West Coast (MP3 + Tour) – Aug 2012

Earlier this summer, we had a blast touring the East Coast (which to us includes places like Chicago and Athens) with PDX’s “hardest working band” the Woolen Men. After a short break, we’ve gathered almost enough credits to continue the tour with dates in California, Washington, and Oregon.

8/17 Fri Oakland CA @ House Show
8/18 Sat Fresno CA @ Game Time Pizza w/ The Babbling Crooks
8/19 Sun San Pedro CA @ Harold’s Place w/ The Sensitive Side
8/20 Mon Los Angeles CA @ DUBLAB ( – radio!)
8/20 Mon San Francisco CA @ The Knockout w/ Tank Attack +1
8/21 Tue Los Altos CA @ KFJC 89.7-FM ( – radio!)
8/21 Tue Sacramento CA @ Luigi’s Fun Garden w/ Apache Dropout, Charles Albright
8/22 Wed Eureka CA @ Lil Red Lion w/ Scotch Wiggly and more (Lame Drivers only)
8/23 Thu Portland OR @ The Record Room w/ The Bugs
8/24 Fri Seattle WA @ The Rendezvous

Woolen Men have a new tape up for download. We have a split tour tape with them. We’ll be sharing new Lame Drivers music this week, pre-order backers get dibs!

>> [email protected]@K eVeN!t
>> The East Coast’s Over (July 2012 tourdates + info)

August 8, 2012
by Jason

Pre-Order Lame Drivers Debut 12″ LP + Flexi-Disc EP at Kickstarter

It’s about time! After almost 10 years of bein’ a band, Lame Drivers is ready to release our first-ever vinyl LP.

We wrote too many new songs for just one LP, so we’ll lead up to it with an EP series of flexi-disc postcards.

We’re collaborating with some of our favorite producers and visual artists (Mayuko Fujino’s “Minimize” artwork at right) to make the most of these formats. We hope you’ll join in, too! You can pre-order these limited releases right now through Kickstarter.  Check the video to hear some of the new songs we’ve been working on, including a clip of “Other Side” rec’d with Matt Tong at Exploded Drawing.

>> Lame Drivers FlexiDisc EP + Debut LP @ Kickstarter