Lame Drivers bio


CURRENT LINEUP (no photo exists) –  Jason Sigal (guitar), Joe Posner (bass), Jeff Wood (drums)

L A M E   D R I V E R S

* Originated in New Jersey, formed in Providence, RI 2004, born again in New York.

* Released music on 75 Or Less, Not Not Fun, State Capital Recordings, Eggy Records, LCMR

* In our youth, we were courted by a larger record label who thought we sounded like Bruce Springsteen. Young Lame Drivers were also compared to a “dirty mix of Replacements/Stooges-influenced pop”, “like a young Replacements or Guided By Voices”, “like the Buzzcocks getting a reacharound from the Descendents,” “rock hard in Jesus & Mary Chain fashion”.

* In summer 2009, Lame Drivers morphed into a 3-piece and is now leaner, darker, and more psychedelic. “You do more…with less” says Gerard.

* Lame Drivers have played shows in 10 states with the likes of Flipper, Kurt Vile, Oxford Collapse, The Gossip, Vic Thrill, We Are Wolves, German Measles, Cause Co-Motion, Home Blitz, So Cow, Total Abuse, Dinowalrus, Clockcleaner, and Buttnaked Butthole

* Past & present Lame Drivers have also played in Home Blitz, Capstan Shafts, Get Him Eat Him, The Great Excape, Gutsies, The Rape Escape, Kleenex Girl Wonder, and other projects.

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