Pre-Order Lame Drivers Debut 12″ LP + Flexi-Disc EP at Kickstarter


It’s about time! After almost 10 years of bein’ a band, Lame Drivers is ready to release our first-ever vinyl LP.

We wrote too many new songs for just one LP, so we’ll lead up to it with an EP series of flexi-disc postcards.

We’re collaborating with some of our favorite producers and visual artists (Mayuko Fujino’s “Minimize” artwork at right) to make the most of these formats. We hope you’ll join in, too! You can pre-order these limited releases right now through Kickstarter.  Check the video to hear some of the new songs we’ve been working on, including a clip of “Other Side” rec’d with Matt Tong at Exploded Drawing.

>> Lame Drivers FlexiDisc EP + Debut LP @ Kickstarter

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