October 14, 2019
by Jason

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Summer 2012 Tour Photos

September 3, 2012 by Jason | 0 comments

Lame Drivers spent a bunch of days on the road this summer with our PDX pals the Woolen Men. We played at least one show every day, and took photos along the way of the bugs we saw, the slaw we ate, the couches we slept on, the bands we played with, the people we met, the vehicles we passed by on the road and on and on.

We could not document everything. There are many moments that will only exist in our minds and in the stories we’ll have to tell you later. But thanks to my obsession with instagram (@therewasaguy), Alex’s occasional flickr-ing, and our super photographer friends like M. Elizabeth Hershey (–> live pics from Bloomington below), there are a bunch of photos. We’re posting them here as a time capsule to aid our own memories, and perhaps as entertainment for you. There is some partial nudity. We’ve got the West Coast (Aug 17-24) photos first, then East Coast (Jul 18-29), each in roughly chronological order…

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